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A Jar of Whisky and a Glass of Beer

Recorded in 1992, the Marginal Prophets' debut album 'A Jar of Whisky and a Glass of Beer' features some of the best-known Irish and Scottish pub songs captured in the studio with all the energy and raw power of the band's live set.


A Slow Return

Their second album 'A Slow Return' was recorded and released in 1994. This CD is a sophisticated studio production which includes popular ballads and standards as well as traditional Celtic folk.


Come Out Ye Black 'N' Tans

Two of the most requested songs from the band's live set recorded in classic Marginal Prophets style.


Celtic Folk - Raw and Pure

A collection of Celtic folk songs recorded by friends and colleagues of the Marginal Prophets including two tracks by Harry Reed.


Live Take

16 live takes feat. Harry Reed, Jim Klopfenstein, Peter Corbett and Miller Jones.


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