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The Marginal Prophets

The Marginal Prophets Live

'The Marginal Prophets' were formed in 1991 by Harry Reed and the Irish fiddler Peter Corbett. For the recording of their first CD, in the Summer of 1992, they were joined by Jim Klopfenstein. This CD 'A Jar of Whisky and a Glass of Beer' received widespread critical acclaim and the band went on to establish themselves as the top Scottish and Irish act in Southern Germany.

During the Summer of 1994, Reed and Klopfenstein recorded a second CD 'A Slow Return' which also featured the studio work of ex- Battlefield Band fiddler Brian McNeil.

April of 1995 saw work begin on a new recording which resulted in the issue of the maxi-single 'Come Out Ye Black 'N' Tans' and in the autumn of 1996, Reed finished the long running 'Celtic Folk - Raw and Pure' project which was released on CD in November of that year.

Presently, The Marginal Prophets perform mainly as a duo, on occasion, expanding to a trio or quartet. The programme covers a wide spectrum of music forms from 'Celtic Folk' to 'Traditional American.' Their sound is a unique combination of tight vocal harmonies and solid rhythmic instrumental work punctuated by audience stunning bass solos and stirring bagpipe melodies.

Guitar, Vocals, Bagpipes, Bodhràn Harry Reed

Harry Reed

Harry Reed was born in Edinburgh, Scotland. He began to play the bagpipes at age seven and was soon playing concerts with the school band.

While studying psychology and economics at the University of St. Andrews, he taught himself guitar in order to widen his musical spectrum.

After finishing his degree, he played with various folk and rock bands including the American band 'The Violent Femmes' with whom he performed in Europe as well as the States.

Since the beginning of 1991, he has lived in Germany where he formed 'The Marginal Prophets.'

Double Bass, Electric Bass, Vocals Jim Klopfenstein

Jim Klopfenstein

Jim Klopfenstein was born in the State of Minnesota, USA, but he was raised in New York. Inspired by rock, folk und blues, Jim switched from his first instrument the trumpet to guitar and bass then later the contrabass.

Jim attended college in Brooklyn and played music on the side. Overcome by travelling fever, Jim decided to put aside his studies to travel the world in 1978.

He was able to finance his travels by doing street gigs as well as other appearances. He spent several years in Switzerland, but eventually settled down in Munich. There, he soon became one of the most requested bass players and played with a countless number of bands. The spectrum covered everything from bluegrass and country-western to blues and gypsy-swing.

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